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String Theory

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With a degree in philosophy, you knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a “String Theory” blog. But, I wager, this isn’t going to be quite what you expected.

Originally designed and knit WAY back in January and tech edited a few months later, CIA Cowl MKAL languished as an unpublished FO for the simple lack of an appropriate hook. I hummed and hawed over different theme concepts, but lacked passionate conviction that any did the design justice.

Finally, April arrived and I was still in a state of “undeclared” – had I still been a uni student that would have meant an entire semester was wasted on extracurriculars! Desperate, I applied to my friend and design mentor, the fabulously wonderful, NinaKnits.

Dad in Squid Hill Hat
Nina designed “Squid Hill Hat” – you may remember her as my co-admin in the Indie Design Gift-a-long

Over the distance of an Internet line we chatted about the pros and cons of various themes I’d considered… mostly the cons. Then she presented me with a link: 50 different ways to tie your shoelaces. Curious about what exactly this has to do with the design? You’ll have to join the MKAL to find out!

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and then, yes, that’s it! That’s perfect! Who knew!!!

CIA Lacing Graphic

C.I.A. Lacing

A few internet searches equipped me with the broad stroke on the CIA’s Cold War activities and volia. The next day, this languishing design had a name, purpose, theme… and publication date!

CIA Cowl MKAL logo

So welcome to all you secret knitting agents!  Check your Ravelry libraries next Thursday for the first installment of this MKAL.

Secret Knitting Agent graphic

Keep an eye out for this image as he is your “behind enemy lines” contact sharing top secret communications about the prizes you’ll be angling for!

It isn’t too late to join – grab your CIA Cowl pattern on Ravelry and join the pre-MKAL chatting fun in the Knit Eco Chic group.

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