Swapping Out Beads

Lindsay Lewchuk How-Tos, Solar Flare MKAL Leave a Comment

Who else is a perfectionist? Well, at least when it comes to knitting I am. While I was working on my own Solar Flare I realized I had used the wrong bead color on one of the ssk, yo sections. Not wanting to rip out multiple rounds of 700 stitches each, I determined to figure out another way. Hey, if it didn’t work out, I’d still have to frog, but if it did, oh how I’d rejoice! I came up with several convoluted methods, until, surprise, could it really be that easy?? Check out the you tube video on how to swap out beads & you’ll never cringe when it comes to swapping out beads again… well, at least not on columns of ssk, yo stitches!

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