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Swing Your Partner Round and Round

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Hoedown Showdown graphic

All studied up on your cowgirl, cowboy, hoedown etiquette? Game 2 of the Hoedown Showdown Cowgirl Chic KAL vs. County Western MKAL is posted below!

How It Works:
Be part of the Hoedown Showdown in the Knit Eco Chic group on Ravelry.
Answer all 10 questions.
Submit your answers to Cowboss Lindsay (aka KnitEcoChic) via Ravelry PM Unfortunately SurveyMonkey is being jittery, skittish, unreliable broomtail (aka old horse), so we’re playing the game “plan b” way. Either copy and paste into your PM or just send a string of answers (ie. 1A, 2A, etc.)
To be prize eligible, PMs due by 11:59 pm (EST) Wednesday October 18, 2017.

Question 1: a cowboy tips his hat to
A – everybody
B – other cowboys and only other cowboys
C – ladies, every lady and only ladies
D – widows and orphans only
E – a cowboy never tips his hat

Question 2: swearing is allowed for a cowboy
A – in mixed company
B – around men, horses, and cows
C – never… cowboys don’t cuss
D – in church
E – at a town meeting

Question 3: translate the italic bits of this phrase into “regular” English:
Wet your whistle on some cowboy coffee and dunk in a bear sign from your favorite cookie.

Question 4: riding another man’s horse without permission is
A – acceptable
B – worse than bedding his wife
C – fine as long as you have a good reason
D – part of the code of the west, a saddled horse is begging to be ridden

Question 5: when not acting the part of a bucking Broncho, Buckaroo Puddles is
A – a Shetland Pony
B – a Donkey
C – a Great Dane
D – an Alpaca
E – a Chichewa

Question 6: list the prizes worth fighting for in this Hoedown Showdown (post 1).

Question 7: a hoedown is
A – a social gathering at which music in duple meter is played and lively folk dancing takes place
B – the act of placing your hoe in the barn at the end of a long day’s work
C – what you do at the start of the day
D – a lunch break

Question 8: LisaDP slammed game 1’s challenge (post 259) with an amazing set of lyrics set to the “Turkey in the Straw” tune, what was the chorus repeat she created?

Question 9: interview match it up!
A – Into the Dye Bath = Trudy, Colorful Words = Lisa, Fabulous Project Bags = Cheryl
B – Into the Dye Bath = Cheryl, Colorful Words = Trudy, Fabulous Project Bags = Lisa
C – Into the Dye Bath = Lisa, Colorful Words = Cheryl, Fabulous Project Bags = Trudy

Question 10: what is your favorite Knit Eco Chic pattern?

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