bag from Cheryl's shop

Fabulous Project Bags from Cheryl

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I happened upon our final Hoedown Showdown blog interviewee while surfing Etsy. Her fun project bags and excellent construction caught my eye. Please join me saying “howdy” to Cheryl from My Needle Crafts! I love your tag line “busy hands = happy heart,” your goal that quality is number 1, and your story of learning from your mom and grandmas. Tell us a little about how MyNeedleCrafts got started. I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur and my love of making seemed to go hand in hand with that. Initially, I had an alterations and custom sewing business that I ran from my home. I started making knitting bags as a bit of a side hobby. I had …

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LisaDP Hoedown Ditty

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Remember last week’s challenge? LisaDP stepped up to the stage and floored us all with her fabulous creation! She was gracious enough to allow me to post to the blog – thanks Lisa!Enjoy!! Sung to the tune Turkey in the Straw As I was a-knittin’On my Cowgirl ChicWith a long circ needleAnd a skein so sweetI wrapped my yarnRight around the needle tipI pulled it throughAnd didn’t let it slip Decrease on the leftDecrease on the rightDecrease on the leftDecrease on the rightCenter decreaseNow and thenAnd lots and lots of stitchesKnit between the ends Began with a picotAnd then a couple moreAdded lots more picots‘Til it reached the floorKept on making picots‘Til the needle was fullA single stitch markerAnd a …

Hoedown Showdown on barn door

Hoedown Showdown Song Challenge

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Now bow to your partner,Bow to the corner too,Join hands andSwing your partner. Swing your partner, ‘round ‘n ‘roundRun outta yarn, head into town. In the shop, check out Trudy,She dyes yarn that’s eco groovey. Cast on picots, start each project,Soon you’ll have a finished object. Watch Cheryl sew bags all day,For your knitting projects, ya, ya, yay! Head outta town, stash in hand.Head to the Hoedown,Your WIPs be lookin’ grande. Stitch through the fall’s corn maze fun,Carrying your project bag stuffed with handspun. Swing your partner, switch from KAL to MKAL.Docey Do, just two clues to go! In a field, Lisa write books,Sashay 3 steps forward for a closer look. Kick up your heels in some hay,Take a break …

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The Colorful Words of Lisa Bogart

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It really is funny how we met people in this Internet age. I guess the equivalent of how I met Lisa would be walking into a Hoedown in a town you’ve never been to before after a long ride on your horse where you fell asleep and the horse picked the destination. So how did I meet her? Completely by chance after doing a google search for designers! But Lisa isn’t a designer… after striking up a Ravelry conversation, low and behold I discovered she’s an author! And not only an author, a generous soul who’s offering two of her titles as a prize for our Hoedown Showdown event. Please join me saying “howdy” to Lisa! Q1. Your titles are …

Artist studio video how to screen shot

Artist Studio Bind Off Video

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While your Artist Studio FO has no right angles, the knitting does! The unique aspect of Artist Studio is the continuous bind off method used. Utilizing short rows, the cable edge is turned 90 degrees, and then the shawl “body” stitches are bound off via decreases. Scary, right? Not at all! These are all common techniques used in a fun yet unexpected way. This visual demonstration is to accompany the full written and charted directions in the pattern. I used contrasting colours so the “6 stitch edge stitches” are clearly distinct from the shawl “body” stitches. Or if you prefer to watch directly on You Tube, click here. Puddles and I are here to root you on as you bind …

Artist Studio front on canvas back on person

Artist Studio

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Artists employ a variety of mediums from watercolors to acrylics, frottage to impasto, but knitters paint with yarn! Like broad brushstrokes, sweeping curves shape the Artist Studio shawl into a “no right angles” FO. Cables juxtaposed with lace anchor the wild lace abandon between structured architectural cable details. Use watercolor tones to create your personal serene Monet, bold solids for a punch of Picasso, or speckled variegated yarn for a determined Pollock mood. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written with charts and a schematic. Check out the Knit Eco Chic channel on YouTube for a video tutorial of the continuous bind off method used. $12.00 Finished Measurements:50”/ 127cm wide by 32”/ 81cm deep. Note: this shawl …

Hurricane Watch color

Hurricane Harvey Irma Relief

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Thank you guys SO much for all the notes checking in on Puddles and I. We got a fringe storm from Irma, but came through unscathed and with no damage to our area. This hurricane reminded me though of the one that blew threw last year causing massive tree damage to our area. In our neighbourhood alone, removing the fallen trees cost over $100,000. I can’t imagine the costs associated with these mega category hurricanes! The relief effort is going to take a long time, especially for those worst hit. Ravelry group member Andi, reported that a year after the flooding in Louisiana, there are still people in recovery mode. So keep mindful in the coming months of those rebuilding. …

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Into the Dyebath with Ewe2Yarn

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Trudy’s Instagram account captivated me from first glance. After many moons of enjoying her hand dyed yarn eye candy, I wanted to know more and discovered she’s eco! Trudy graciously granted an interview… as well as a Hoedown Showdown prize! Join me in saying “Howdy Partner” to Trudy :-). Q1. Swoon – that’s the feeling that strikes when I see your yarns on Instagram. How did you get started?I think the answer to this is pretty typical. I could not find the perfect colors for my own knitting so I began creating them for myself. I would see a pattern I liked but wanted my own spin (haha) on it. Q2. I love your eco principles! “eco-friendly, human-friendly, and animal-friendly, …

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Fall Event Schedule

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Mark your calendars! I’ve got so many exciting events scheduled for you all this fall. To kick things off, Marquise Cut is now available! This sophisticated linen top features 1×1 cables, twisted stitches, and optional beads. This release is bitter-sweet as it was the final FO my loved one saw before her passing. I was blessed to visit with Grammy while she was still cognizant. She loved the blue of the hand dyed yarn and the beautiful cable stitches. Though she couldn’t see the beads, at one point the sun shone through the windows and struck them just so causing them to glimmer. You could see the surprise and joy in her clear blue eyes. Her final words to me …

Marquise Cut close up

Marquise Cut

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Elegant cables form marquise cut jewels in this sophisticated knitwear top. The beauty of Marquise Cut is the effortless way it transforms to suit any fashion situation. Add optional glass beads to capture extra sparkle while emphasizing the crisp cable crossings reflected in the 58 facets distinctive of the marquise. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written with a schematic. The pattern repeat is both written and charted. Construction: top down with side seams. The optional set in sleeves are top down as well. $8.25 Sizes:32 (34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46) Finished Measurements:Blocked Bust: 32”/ 81cm (34”/ 86cm, 36.5”/ 92cm, 38”/ 97cm, 40”/ 102cm, 42”/ 106cm, 44.5”/ 113cm, 46”/ 117cm). Total Length: 21.25”/ 54.5cm (21.5”/ …