Favorite nature shots Woodsong B&B

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving To all our American knitters, Puddles and I wish you a truly blessed and happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for – including each one of you, especially! On my recent trip to Toronto I was blessed to stay in the beautiful Woodsong B&B outside of the city. Acres of woodlands, a pond full of swans (with geese and ducks), and cold fresh air woke me each dawn. Here are some trip pictures. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, love, and togetherness. God bless!

Bucolic Chic tied

Bucolic Chic

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Flowers in a window box, an urban garden, or the vast expanse of uninhabited countryside – discover the beauty in your surroundings… and stitches with Bucolic Chic! Cast on addictive picots and short row your stitches into a chic wearable shawl. True to its name, this relaxing knit is perfect for soaking up the cold weather sun rays.

Puddles and Lindsay on the deck

Bucolic Chic Tips and Tricks

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Tip 3: another suggestion from a review knitter – skip the counting during the shawl with a little cast on prep! After you’ve cast on half the picots for your size, place a unique marker, and cast on the remaining picots. Then simply follow the increase directions until you hit your unique marker and when you do transition to the decrease directions. No shawl stitch counting required!

Apple Oak Fibre Works 2 swatches

Yarn Review Apple Oak Fibre Works

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In contrast to last week’s 25/75 linen/cotton blend, today’s fiber is a 30/70 linen/cotton blend. The two couldn’t be more different! In today’s LinCot review, coarse strands of strong linen engulf puffy thick/ thin roving of cotton. The resulting texture is incredible with bristles and softness at the same time. If you’ve ever thrummed with virgin wool and roving, I suspect the feel is similar. Apple Oak Fibre Works brings Irish naturalism to hand dyed yarn! Wife and hubby team, Jennifer and Tristan, apply botanical dyes to a variety of fibers (animal-based and plant-based) in both roving and yarn (and a few other specialty items).

Puddles in Je Ne Sais Quoi

Puddles Spring Summer Round Up

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Batten the hatches, check the generator, trim the trees back from the house, and stock the pantry with food for both humans and GDCSJ. Yes, this week has been a “check list” in prep for Hurricane Florence. Anyone else in hurricane mode with us? I’m delighted to see it’s down to a category 2, but know that it is still a threat so I’m ready with projects to snuggle it out with this guy! He doesn’t look to scared at all ?. Before we head full force into cold weather knits, let’s “paws” and recap the year thus far. Landfall Shawl – designed in honor of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, looks like this is the shawl of the moment with …