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Into the Unknown

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We got chatting about Maine and the move and other big 2022 events… Puddles 10-year gotcha anniversary ☹, and cough, turning 40, cough. She threw out “into the unknown”. And ya know what, it was perfect! Not a daunting kind of ‘unknown,’ but a year of adventure in stitches which didn’t restrict the creative juices to one particular cast on / bind off method. “Into the Unknown” was born with joy and friendship, new possibilities, and future new locales!

Sharing 2021

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We’re going to continue another year sharing with Handspun Hope!  Last year saw so much wonderful growth with that ministry.  Our 2020 Sharing partner, Handspun Hope, has been raising money these last few months to build “The Will Barnhill Counseling Center” at their yarn dyeing / crafting compound in Rwanda.  As we wrap up our business year end this month what a way to celebrate – this week they announced the second story of said building is now fully funded!! Praise the Lord and heartfelt thanks to all their donors. Earlier this year, Puddles and I took part in Handspun Hope’s first ever Virtual 5K.  This effort funded the first floor of the counseling center.  Thank you to those who …

Sharing 2020

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Formerly, True Vineyard Ministries, this organization rebranded earlier this year to have their mission match their brand.  After prayerfully considering the options of which mission to support, I decided to give Handspun Hope another year.  What drew me back to this organization for another year is how well suited our philosophies are in that we’re both eco-enthusiasts loving the world around us in Christ through fiber arts. 

Landfall shawl with pin and Puddles

Near and Far

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Thank you so much for joining Puddles and I in the Landfall challenge! The official count is in and you all raised 5 patterns for Birdie ?. To conclude our focus on the eco principle of charity, I searched around my indie friends to see what they were up to. Here are my top three favorites – near and far! Jessica Anderson and the Batcave Charity Project (in her own words) Ready to join the Batcave Challenge? Check out Jessica’s pattern here: Christine Guest and Sparrow BagChristine Guest designed the soon-to-be-released Sparrow bag 4 years ago for an ebook to raise money for pediatric oncology research. The editor’s daughter underwent chemo and it damaged her heart. Due to her …