Midnight Comes book cover

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

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Looking to the future of creatives for our eco elements “Future” blog interview, I happened upon an interesting book of fairy tales, Midnight Comes. Primed to jet off to uni, the daughter of one of my favorite indie designers, Talitha Kuomi, took a few moments to sit down with Puddles and I (virtually speaking) to tell us about her craft. I’m thrilled to introduce you to the budding poet author, Sierra.

prize for MKAL

Cultivating with Vegan Yarn

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Please join me in welcoming back Heidi from Vegan Yarn ?. We first met Heidi in 2014 on the blog Dye to Perfection. Since then her indie small business has grown like the weeds she uses for dyeing! With our Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL, I thought this the perfect time to check back in with her to discover how her adventures the past few years have molded the growth of Vegan Yarn. Q1. On your FAQ page on why vegan you state: “To be really simple, we prefer to allow animals to live their lives free of the intentional or unintentional violence of a human-made industry. Like the saying goes, ‘live simply, so others may simply live.’ Please keep …

yarns bowl niddy noddy by Lisa

Winding the 3Rs with Renaissance Yarns

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A special treat during our look at the 3Rs in the knitting industry comes up with “Recycle.” I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Lisa Chimento, the savvy indie behind Renaissance Yarns – the woman behind the Etsy shop dedicated to bringing you luxury yarns at affordable prices through recycling thrift shop luxury finds into usable yarn. Q1. I love your “about” story on your Etsy page! (Knitters, you can check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/renaissanceyarns#about) Please tell us a little bit about yourself and Renaissance Yarns.Thanks, Lindsay! I was blessed with two Italian grandmothers who played an enormous role in my life. They were both amazing cooks and gifted craftswomen. When I was about 8 years old, they taught me …

Hot off Carly's sewing table - the prize for the Bomb Cyclone KAL!

Bomb Cyclone, No Match for Aubrey Ann Sewing Co

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When this totally unexpected bomb cyclone struck the Eastern Seaboard on Jan. 3/4th my mind was turned to bundling up with knitting and all my friends who may be affected. One of those friends is Carly, a knitter and sewer I met on Instagram, who lives in my favorite State… Maine!! Listening to the wind howl viciously and watching the trees bend nearly to the point of snapping, an idea popped into mind that I ran with in an effort to beat the arctic blast… a Bomb Cyclone KAL. I messaged Carly with the idea and she kindly donated a prize for all of you to fight, erg, I mean knit for. So grab your WIPs, a cozy blanket, cup …

bag from Cheryl's shop

Fabulous Project Bags from Cheryl

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I happened upon our final Hoedown Showdown blog interviewee while surfing Etsy. Her fun project bags and excellent construction caught my eye. Please join me saying “howdy” to Cheryl from My Needle Crafts! I love your tag line “busy hands = happy heart,” your goal that quality is number 1, and your story of learning from your mom and grandmas. Tell us a little about how MyNeedleCrafts got started. I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur and my love of making seemed to go hand in hand with that. Initially, I had an alterations and custom sewing business that I ran from my home. I started making knitting bags as a bit of a side hobby. I had …

hoedown prizes

The Colorful Words of Lisa Bogart

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It really is funny how we met people in this Internet age. I guess the equivalent of how I met Lisa would be walking into a Hoedown in a town you’ve never been to before after a long ride on your horse where you fell asleep and the horse picked the destination. So how did I meet her? Completely by chance after doing a google search for designers! But Lisa isn’t a designer… after striking up a Ravelry conversation, low and behold I discovered she’s an author! And not only an author, a generous soul who’s offering two of her titles as a prize for our Hoedown Showdown event. Please join me saying “howdy” to Lisa! Q1. Your titles are …

hoedown prize

Into the Dyebath with Ewe2Yarn

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Trudy’s Instagram account captivated me from first glance. After many moons of enjoying her hand dyed yarn eye candy, I wanted to know more and discovered she’s eco! Trudy graciously granted an interview… as well as a Hoedown Showdown prize! Join me in saying “Howdy Partner” to Trudy :-). Q1. Swoon – that’s the feeling that strikes when I see your yarns on Instagram. How did you get started?I think the answer to this is pretty typical. I could not find the perfect colors for my own knitting so I began creating them for myself. I would see a pattern I liked but wanted my own spin (haha) on it. Q2. I love your eco principles! “eco-friendly, human-friendly, and animal-friendly, …


Chilean Spice and Indie Nice

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With the indiesunite month of Instagram prompts just coming to an end, I wanted to continue the indie love so I decided to interview one of my favorite Instagram friends, co-indie Marcela Chang Rojas! She graciously agreed and even threw in a give-a-way to celebrate a her newest release (more on that below). I first met Marcela in the Indie Design Gift-a-long and was captured by her commitment to eco when I saw her interview on TNBT (The Next Beautiful Thing) podcast. I was fascinated to learn about her culture in South America and how she stays true to her ethos while designing in Chile! Without further ado, please say “hi” to Marcela. Q1. How did you get started as …