Katrinkle owl buttons

Whimsy and Lasers the Eco Button Creator

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“Don’t play with lasers or sharp tools.” Sound advice for the masses, but exactly what this designer does resulting in the most adorable, whimsical buttons, gauge tools, removable stitch markers, knitter earrings, and other knit and crochet accessories! Please join me in welcoming Katy from Katrinkles in this 3rd of 3 CIA Cowl MKAL interviews. Your website is packed with goodies! How did you get started with laser cutting? I don’t think I consciously decided to launch a business, it just kind of happened. After taking a laser cutting workshop, I began making buttons to adorn my own knits. I started selling them because people asked me to and Katrinkles was born as a hobby business. I worked on in …

stitch markers on WIP

Picture Stitch Markers

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In this digital age, it’s sometimes funny how you met people and become friends. I first noticed Leslie as the girl with the eye behind my fellow indie, Talitha Kuomi’s, pattern photography. We struck up a conversation and low and behold I discovered photography wasn’t her only knitting peripheral. She also just opened an Etsy shop. Please join me in saying “hi” to Leslie as we learn about her new crafty start-up in this 2nd of 3 CIA Cowl MKAL blog interviews! Q1. Amazing photographer & talented knitter, how did you happen into the world of stitch markers? I happened into the “World of Stitch Markers” by having so many different beads and charms leftover from jewelry making in the …

Christmas Craft Market Close Up Wild Woolly

Rub a Dub Dub What’s in That Scrub

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Welcome secret knitting agents! In addition to food, personal hygiene supplies were another critical item included in the air drops during the Berlin Airlift. To that end, I discovered a Ravelry hand-maker who “supplies” modern day woman (& men) with eco-body products. So please join me in welcoming, Joanne from Wild Woolly! This is the first of 3 blog interviews for the CIA Cowl MKAL. “Hi” Joanne! Q1. What inspired you to create Wild Woolly? I’m passionate about crafting and am always interested in learning new things. Once my kids left home, I found myself taking up all sorts of hobbies to occupy my time outside of work hours.I also have sensitive, problematic skin, so I’m selective about the bath …

patio dinning

The Inn at English Meadows

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When your mom hasn’t had a vacation in over a decade and agrees to traipse all over Maine for you, there is nothing so wonderful as to hear the words, “the Inn made it feel like I was on a real vacation!” If one word described life at the Inn at English Meadows it would be care. Each morning the innkeepers, Kate & David Parisi, served a three-course gluten-free & dairy-free delectable feast for mom and conventional three-course delectable feast for dad. The 100% cotton linens were cleaned separately with unscented detergent. They even placed an ozonator in the room to rid it of any contaminants. Mom said specifically that she didn’t smell any cleaning product residue! A little thing, …

snow on leftover grass

Wandering Around Woodsong

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I’m back from the enchanted winter break at Woodsong B&B. First off, thank you kindly for all your notes and prayers – the treatments went very well and I feel great! Second, my apologies, the trip was extended so I ended up missing last week too. But I’m excited to share some of my favorite trip pictures with you. The weather was cold, colder, arctic cold, warm, cold, hot, frozen… in that order. But that made me enjoy wandering around the property and portions of the Rouge River Conservation all the more! And speaking of birds… Birds weren’t the only wild life I saw… in addition to red, black, and grey squirrels I also caught glimpse of a very furry …

Sherlock Knits Book Cover

Sherlock Knits eBook Review

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One of my favorite things about the Indie Design Gift-a-long is the ability to connect with other designers and share those experiences with you all! With that focus in mind this year I’m launching a new category to the blog, where I review works by my fellow indies that have caught my eye, and where applicable, share “what makes it eco.” The first in this (e)”Book Review” series is “Sherlock Knits” by designer Joanna Johnson. Joanna merges love of literature with knitting in her Slate Falls Press publications. “Sherlock Knits” includes 10 patterns hitting up a variety of skills from color work to steeking, from lacework to texture. My favorite part of the book was in the Note section on …

Alternative Paths

Odds & Ends, and an Interview

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First off, I want to apologize for the hiccups with the mailchimp blog delivery lately. I hope it is all now fixed, but if you ever have any issues, please feel free to message me. The Indie Design Gift-a-long continues to go strong! I was blessed to be interviewed by designer, Carolyn MacPherson, on her podcast, The Next Beautiful Thing. Interested in learning more about me & Puddles? Check it out here! I’m knitting one of Carolyn’s patterns as part of my “dessert” GAL knitting – if you are looking for quick and easy slippers this winter, check out her “No Place Like Home” design! You won’t be disappointed… I’m on to pair 3 because it is just so well …

Cestari Sheep & Wool Co. Francis

An Inside Look at Cestari

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Francis Chester, the patriarch of Cestari Sheep & Wool Co, graciously granted me an interview this week. A fellow indie designer told me about Cestari and when I saw it at Black Mountain Yarn shop, I had to give it a try. Immediately a fan, I wanted to know more about this yarn company, which has such a unique vision and family focus. So without further ado, please say “hi” to Francis! Cestari – what’s the story behind your unique name? Cestari is my Ancestral Italian name from my father’s family who were shepherds for centuries. Your website shows you to be a leader and initiator in many aspects of wool production: from your decades old family-run operation, to your …

Woodsong B&B

On Location – Woodsong Bed and Breakfast

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For the past 2 years when traveling for my medical treatments, I’ve been blessed to stay at an eco B&B just outside Toronto, Ontario – Woodsong Bed & Breakfast. Nestled on 43 acres of Ontario’s finest, Woodsong B&B offers comfortable accommodations in a spectacular setting. The front wall of windows opens upon the pond and waterfall with a swimming pool, tennis court, and miles of hiking trails off to the left. Object d’art pop up in the most unusual places from the decor to the landscaping, always eliciting a smile. The innkeepers, Gary and Liivi, make one feel right at home accommodating food allergies (& others too) with graciousness, concern, and care. The furry innkeepers keep their distance until you …

The Voyages of Vivian

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Do you remember Talitha Kuomi from the Indie Design Gift-a-long? She’s just published her first independent knitting book, “The Voyages of Vivian,” and gave me a sneak peek! Traveling the world with Vivian through the pages of the book, I was enthralled with the pictures, knitting designs, and story. So I asked if she’d grace us with an interview during her virtual release tour. And she said “yes”… so please join me in welcoming, Tal! As a seasoned designer with over 150 publications, what inspired you to branch out into book publishing? I love to tell a story, and so to be allowed to put together a collection of patterns that help to farther a story is right up my …