Puddles ankle deep in water

Oceanic MKAL on You Tube

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Did you know there are 2 You Tube how-to’s for this MKAL: “Oceanic MKAL Initial Cast On Demonstration” & “Oceanic MKAL”? I know it is daunting diving into directions without knowing what you are knitting, so I wanted to provide extra help if you need it. Without giving too much of the pattern away, the first video is a short how-to of the initial modified I-cord cast on directions. You can watch that video here. And please forgive me – in an effort to cover both right handed and left handed knitters, I demonstrated both. I wholeheartedly admit that my left handed knitting skills are still developing, but I didn’t want to leave you lefties high and dry! So lefties …

no puckering and puddles too

A Yarn’s Tale

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After weaving in the ends, photographing for testers, washing, and laying the “Goldilocks and the Three Stitch Designs” flat to dry, this designer tucked some edits for the tank design into layout and took a much needed nap, confident another design was well on it’s way to publication. Out of the darkness a gentle whisper floated and fluttered around my ears, the soft tonal grays in eco-stitch’s hand dyed yarn spoke softly, “sleeves.” I wisped it away. Then the light blue joined in the refrain, “wake up, I’m not done.” But my sleep was sweet so I dozed on. Undeterred, the volume rose and rose until the bright aqua gave a resounding shout shocking me awake. The sample cried forth …

Drawing Lines in the Sand

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…the Winding Path Behind the Tidal Breeze DesignMy first treatment center was located just north of Charleston, SC. The blessings of beach trips were welcomed reprieves. Even though I wasn’t a knitter at the time, the images of the wet sand and the receding waves stuck in my memory as did my goofy Great Dane, Cheeky, whom my dad brought down to visit me. Years later, I discovered Americo Original yarn & more specifically, their DK weight Linen Tanguis yarn. The novel texture of the blended cellulous fibers made it leap into my purchase basket. The natural color and weight instantly recalled those memories of wet sand and I knew I’d be cabling this yarn into sand… somehow. Time passed …