Tranquil River showing the illusion

Tranquil River

Lindsay Lewchuk2018 New Releases, Eco Elements, Patterns, Puddles, Shawls

Float down Tranquil River with ease of stitches knit into a light and airy summer shawl. Sun streams through the opaque illusion revealing the inspiration of melting ice cap rivers. Enhance an evening out in Tranquil River with extra color, sparkle, and glam by including optional beads on the fringe.

Awakening back


Lindsay Lewchuk2018 New Releases, Patterns, Shawls

Awaken to fresh stitches! Sunrise, sunset, whatever your time of day – enjoy an awakening of your spirit in the beauty of the rising or setting sun while clicking your needles away. Toss your knitting needles, yarn, and pattern in a chic knitting bag and prepare for a joyful encounter with the sun. Then marvel in some breathtaking moments while awakening your stitches into your Awakening shawl. The tech edited and test knit intermediate level pattern is fully written and fully charted. Constructed top down using short rows. Experimenting with short rows last year I fell in love with a new twist on this familiar technique – if you love shawls and short rows, this one’s for you! There is …

linen WIP with tea and cookies

Working with Linen Yarn

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Last week I published my 10th pattern featuring linen yarn and thought it was high time I write a blog on working with this unique fiber! Without a doubt, linen is the “black sheep” of the cellulose fiber bases. But like all black sheep it is the unique characteristics of the fiber that will draw you in and keep you coming back for more! It has the best stitch memory of any cellulous fiber I’ve tried. Linen is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and thermoregulating like some of the other cellulous fibers like bamboo. However, unlike the others in the category, it lacks elasticity and is initial rough to the touch – thus making it the black sheep. When knitting the 2 …

Royal Tee fun picture

Royal Tee

Lindsay Lewchuk2017 New Releases, Garments, Patterns

Feel like royalty! This long sleeved linen tee shirt incorporates elegant faux seams and eye-catching striping giving it a royal touch. Whether watching a polo match, enjoying a garden tea party, or chasing after more plebeian pursuits, Royal Tee will be your go to light layering piece through all seasons. I couldn’t resist the pun! Royal Tee is the perfect layering piece with just enough room to comfortably fit a blouse or camisole underneath. The linen yarn is perfect for transitional weather as well as travel as it packs up small. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes! The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written with schematics for finished blocked busts 32”/ 81.5cm (34.25”/ 87cm, …

The bandit Pitch Cowl

Pitch Cowl

Lindsay Lewchuk2016 New Releases, Cowls, How-to Videos, Men, Patterns

Triangles and parallelograms transform leftover linen yarn into a uniquely constructed shape shifting cowl that keeps the little grey cells engaged while actually being a simple knit. Pitch Cowl harkens to baseball stripes, geometry love, and bias construction, with just a touch of elegance in the top running edging. The tech edited & test knit pattern includes written directions and a work flow schematic. Also, on You Tube, there is a demo for Triangle 2. $6.50 Finished Measurements:24”/ 61cm (48”/ 122cm, 60”/ 152.5cm) around by 9.5”/ 24cm tall. Materials:1 (1, 2) skeins each color Eco-Stitch Sport Shown in Royal Purple (MC)Shown in Dusk (CC)Skein info: Hand dyed 100% linen Sport268yds/ 245m per 100g/ 3.53ozUS 4/ 3.5mm circular needles (for flexibilty)US …

Coastal Reflection front

Coastal Reflection

Lindsay Lewchuk2016 New Releases, Garments, Patterns

Coastal Reflection, a transatlantic collaboration, unites yarn and pattern from two indies who are becoming fast friends. As tides recede from the shores of England, gentle waves appear on the banks of North Carolina. Whether launching a yacht or walking along the shore, cast away with Coastal Reflection to your favorite destination. The tech edited and test knit pattern includes written directions, charts of the Stitch Detail, the Stitch Detail written, a Stitch Detail and shaping cheat sheet, and blocking schematic. $8.25 Please note: price on knitCompanion is set by knitCompanion Finished Measurements:Blocked Bust: 32”/ 81.5cm (34.25”/ 87cm, 35.75”/ 90.5cm, 37.75”/ 96cm, 40”/ 101.5cm, 42.25”/ 107cm, 43.75”/ 111cm, 45.75”/ 116.5cm)Total Length: 21”/ 53.5cm (21.25”/ 54cm, 22”/ 55.5cm, 22”/ 56cm, 22.5”/ …

no puckering and puddles too

A Yarn’s Tale

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After weaving in the ends, photographing for testers, washing, and laying the “Goldilocks and the Three Stitch Designs” flat to dry, this designer tucked some edits for the tank design into layout and took a much needed nap, confident another design was well on it’s way to publication. Out of the darkness a gentle whisper floated and fluttered around my ears, the soft tonal grays in eco-stitch’s hand dyed yarn spoke softly, “sleeves.” I wisped it away. Then the light blue joined in the refrain, “wake up, I’m not done.” But my sleep was sweet so I dozed on. Undeterred, the volume rose and rose until the bright aqua gave a resounding shout shocking me awake. The sample cried forth …

Lagoon Shallows

Lagoon Shallows

Lindsay Lewchuk2016 New Releases, Cowls, Patterns

Stitch your way to your favorite Caribbean destination with this relaxing and portable design and have a breezy wave textured inspired cowl perfect for evenings out when you get there. Or for those enjoying a few spare moments of getaway in the comfort of home, enjoy your favorite tropical drink while watching “Death in Paradise” reruns to transport yourself to the warm tropical climes. This design focuses on the health benefits of knitting – relaxation, easy pattern memorization, and eco linen yarn to de-stress and rejuvenate after a long cold winter. Tech edited and test knit easy level pattern is fully written with a chart repeat and 2 how-to You Tube videos. The first video demonstrates the picot cast on …

Shawl Pin Shawl with Puddles

Shawl Pin Shawl

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With a plethora of styling options, the Shawl Pin Shawl’s versatility make it a must have for your wardrobe. An easy level knit, the unique dip in back is created with short rows in order to cover your back without adding bulk to the wings. Applicable for all seasons, select your favorite fiber for the weight you desire. Then show off your favorite shawl pin on the simplistic yet engaging design… like the JUL Designs “Twig Lace Pin” and Bonnie Bishoff’s “Dash” Shawl Pin shown above! The unisex pattern comes in two sizes: the small – 10.5”/ 26.5cm deep by 64”/ 162.5cm wide – requires 2 skeins of yarn; the large – 12.75”/ 32.5cm deep by 74”/ 188cm wide – …

Sarsaparilla Tank

Sarsaparilla Tank

Lindsay LewchukGarments, How-to Videos, Patterns

A summer staple, Sarsaparilla Tank integrates a lace detail inspired by the sassafras flower into a seamless knit fitted design.  Use the custom shaping calculator, an interactive PDF debuting with this design, to get your perfect fit!  Look your best and stay cool in the light weight organic linen regardless of where your hot summer daily activities take you; whether it’d be hiking waterfalls or chasing after kiddies.  Summer knitting is calling! The tech edited & test knit intermediate level pattern includes written directions with the lace fully written and fully charted for 12 sizes. The pattern also includes a schematic and how to video. $7.25 Finished Measurements:For Bust Sizes: 32”/ 81cm (34”/ 86cm, 36”/ 91.5cm, 38”/ 96.5cm, 40”/ 101.5cm, …