Treescape Hat Beanie back

Treescape Hat

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For a day in the sun and cold, is there any place where functional fashion is more important than in a “beat the cold” hat?  Treescape Hat overlays gorgeous lace trees on a silky background.  The inner hat knit in your favorite “beat the cold” fiber, shown in temperature-regulating silk, keeps the noggin cozy while the outer hat brings the delights of life in the woodlands.  Styles include both a slouchy and a beanie! The tech edited and test knit intermediate level pattern is fully written and charted with 3 how-to videos. $12.00 Please note: price on knitCompanion is set by knitCompanion Sizes:  S (M, L, XL) to fit head circumferences of 19 (20, 21, 22)”/ 48 (51, 53.5, 56)cm …

Tweedy Chic main photo with sun glare

Tweedy Chic

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Cozy up in style with Tweedy Chic!  A beautiful accent highlights the neckline on this fall to winter weight sweater.  Create that tweed look with one strand of fingering weight (shown in silk) and one strand of worsted weight (shown in cotton) held together.  Perfect with leggings; the longer-in-back-shorter-in-front hem sports a surprising accent.  Hike the Outer Hebrides in warmth or ice skate in Central Park in New York style. The tech edited and test knit easy (not beginner) level pattern is fully written.  The pattern includes a schematic and how-to stitch video for the kfyof.  $18.00 Now available on KC! Note: KnitCompanion sets their own prices. Sizes: To Fit Busts: 32”/ 81.5cm (36”/ 91.5cm, 38”/ 96.5cm, 42”/ 106.5cm, 46”/ 117cm, …

On the Silver Screen wrap sweater

On the Silver Screen

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Lights, camera, action!  With On the Silver Screen, you’ll take center stage as knitters’ “ooh” and “aah” over your skillful stitches.  Beautiful cables and lace adorn the wrap tie while the Stockinette stitch body unveils surprise twisted stitches.  From the Technicolor: Movie Night collaboration theme, the design highlights the transitional period in movies when black and white film upgraded to full color.  The plot twist is finally revealed as the body of On the Silver Screen highlights the former, while the On the Set scarf boldly introduces color.  The tech edited and test knit advanced level pattern is fully written with the lace / cable section both written and charted.  The pattern includes photo tutorials, schematics, diagrams, and a how-to …

Tweedy Toppers glamor shot with sunset

Tweedy Toppers

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Boldly shout with joy from the top of your boot cuffs, “Fall is here,” with Tweedy Toppers.  Perfect for falling temperatures as these toppers have a secret – fashion on the outside and warm functionality on the inside.  Keep your calves snuggly warm with the surprise of interior ribbing.  Create your own faux tweed by holding two fibers together.  The tech edited and test knit intermediate level pattern is fully written with a diagram and how-to video for starting the hidden interior ribbing. $10.00 Now available on KC! Note: KnitCompanion sets their own prices. Sizes: S (M, L, XL) to fit calf circumference of 12”/ 30.5cm (14”/ 35.5cm, 16”/ 40.5cm, 18”/ 46cm) with 1”/ 2.5cm of positive ease. Finished Measurements: …

Off the Set hat

Off the Set

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After falling in love with a stitch pattern used in an indie collection, the stitching addiction On the Set prompted an Off the Set spin off design.  Exploring its possibilities led to some glamorous 1920s daydream knitting adventures in the form of a cute cloche.  The journey begins with a highly textured I-cord cast on.  Stitches are picked up for the body of the hat.  Cables and lace merge to take this adventure Off the Set into daily living style. The tech edited and test knit intermediate level hat is fully written and charted. Sizes:  S (M, L, XL) for head sizes 19 (20, 21, 22)” / 48 (51, 53.5, 56)cm with 3”/ 7.5cm negative ease Finished Measurements: 16 (17, …

On the Set

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Sneak away for a few minutes of relaxation with On the Set scarf.  Highly textured, On the Set recognizes that a few stolen stitches each night is just the thing to unwind after a packed day, whether you live life as the main character on the set or as the director behind the scenes organizing everything for everybody!  From the Technicolor: Matinee theme subtle nods to the film industry appear in the film projector center square and cables weaving an intricate story with lace.  For a fun plot twist, this extra-long skinny scarf makes any outfit fashion ready or knit is as the base for the Knit Eco Chic Technicolor: Movie Night design. The tech edited and test knit pattern …

Unleashed with Puddles all 3 sizes


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Around here, leashes are rarely worn by dogs, but are often seen attached to humans. Why settle for common nylon, when you can knit “Unleashed” and enjoy the luxury of accessorizing with pure silk. Silk, while softer than a newborn pup’s ear, filament to filament, is stronger than steel. Tough enough to halt a barreling Great Dane, yet gentle enough to soothe his very particular eco human’s wrist, there’s no other way to roam through the woods, “Unleashed”.

River Bend at the Watauga River

River Bend

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Twisting, turning, ever flowing, River Bend knits up a water and stone inspired summer design. Listen to the rhythm of the needles to hear the soothing sounds of water bubbling down the stony riverbed as you knit these simple stitches into your quick warm weather scarf.

Moonlit Kiss back sleeved

Moonlit Kiss

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A design as luxurious as the fiber with which you knit it; Moonlit Kiss invites you to create something special. Whether planned for a first date, a midnight rendezvous, or catching up with friends under the starry night sky, Moonlit Kiss transforms the phases of life as seen in the lunar calendar to stunning knitted lace.