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Catching Up

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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Antionette of Hookin & Stitchin Island Style (https://www.youtube.com/@HOOKINSTITCHINISLANDSTYLE).  The premiere is today!  If you’re available, join the chat at 1pm EST!  Antionette and I will both be on to answer your questions. Looking forward to seeing you!  If you missed the premiere, don’t worry, the link will remain live for replay. Happy knitting! The deer pic for the blog is because Antionette lives on Deer Island ;-).

Meanwhile in Maine collage hawk and schematic

Schematics and Settling In

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Drilling down the math and crafting the schematics.  This cocoon style sweater posed some schematic design decisions.  Do I show it open or closed.  With sleeves, with 1 sleeve, or as a vest?  And how to show that huge fold over collar?? A trend lately has been to use letters on the schematics and keep the numbers in a table.  I explored this method a few years back, but after some input from industry professionals, kept the standard numbers on the sketch method.  I’m not sure how I’ll place the numbers yet.  Which do you prefer? Meanwhile in Maine Update It is with great joy and excitement that I share this cross-post blog with you.  As 26th anniversary of the …

Meanwhile in Maine collage blocking sweater and kitchen cabinets installed

Blocking and Packing

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Check it out (!) – the Meanwhile in Maine sweater is on the blocking board!!!!!!  Of course, the design is staying hidden, but this is a major step after the completed sample literally lived on my desk for months while prototype 2 was underway and the pattern got an overhaul from cast on to bind off. In the end, I went for the “hard” math / grading in order to have the neckline finish below the underarm joins.  After weeks in excel working on each size individually for a superb fit, I frogged prototype 2 back to double check the pattern before proceeding. Though prototype 2 has a different slope on the short rows, here, too, I returned to the original …

Applied I-cord tutorial; pattern style rs

Stitch in Focus: Applied I-cord

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Burnsville Shawl (in Downtown Burnsville) includes yarn overs to make applying the I-cord edge easier and neater.  But it also creates a bit more fabric that needs to be hidden inside the I-cord.  As a result, the pattern gives a specific method for working an applied I-cord, which is a bit different than normal.  Let’s zoom in for a closer look! (For a video tutorial of the pattern method, check out the IG reel here.) Check out these 2 applied I-cord methods. The first is a standard K2, s1, pick up and knit 1, psso, s3b The second is the method used in the first release of 2024, Burnsville Shawl. s1, (pick up and knit through the shawl yo, psos, …

2024 theme: knit - knitworthy 'n intriguing techniques

KNIT 2024 theme

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For those of you who’ve followed along for a while, you know the first blog of the year is the theme announcement.  Following alphabetically, I don’t think this year is too much of a shocker. Introducing the year of KNIT k: knitworthy n: ‘n i: intriguing t: techniques What to look forward to?  THE BIG PROJECTS! My next knitting book is in the works!  A book of shawls featuring my favorite “intriguing” technique, short rows.  Like Take the Plunge, this book will be available in both printed and ebook formats.  With beautiful designs, some familiar and some new shapes, behind the scene insights, and a few special bonuses, I hope you enjoy short row swinging your way through all the …

That’s a Wrap

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You know I can’t resist a good pun, especially a knitting one!  So, let’s review “Joy of Knitting” before the ending credits roll in 2023. Off the Set Kicking off the Joy of Knitting, Off the Set took the stitch pattern I fell in love with from last year’s collection (On the Set) and transformed it into a super cute cloche!  Joy was both in the familiar stitches as well as the mental puzzle of figuring out how to turn it into a hat. Diamond Discovery While stashing down for Maine, Diamond Discovery became!  Joyful satisfaction in transforming a old swatch that cameramom fell in love with into a cowl she loves to wear.  Reducing stash by a skein was …

The Tutorial That Never Was Photo Gallery

The Tutorial That Never Was

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Part of the “Joy of Knitting” design year’s goal is to get Meanwhile in Maine back on track.  To do so required (another) design detour!  I decided to step back and design a KISS sweater.  Sometimes when designs are so complex, I lose sight of basic pattern writing skills and the result is a jumbled mess of complex design with a “cliff notes” writing style entangled into a blob of incomprehensibility.  So, this KISS staple was like clearing out the cobwebs and going back to focusing on one thing – writing a great, simple, and easy to follow pattern.  Though basic, it still needed to hold my interest, so I’d know it’d hold yours.  KISS was design principle 1.  Speed …

On the Silver Screen close up

Behind On the Silver Screen Technicolor Movie Night Release 6

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After a couple of years in production, I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce On the Silver Screen.  It was a mental puzzle that I eagerly dove into solving – how to take a scarf, On the Set, and convert it into a seamless sweater.  More than once my dyslexia had me jumping through hoops, but in the end with lots of photos to remind myself of knitting orientation, the scarf became a garment of beauty to wear! Glamour One of the ways my fellow indies enable me to join these collections is through yarn choice.  As animal-fiber-free in a woolly world, opting to pick a yarn company with a “Lindsay friendly” yarn was such a blessing.  Malabrigo was …

On the Set styling pic

On the Set of Technicolor Movie Night Release 5

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I can’t believe it’s November and the time for my two releases in Technicolor Movie Night.  On the Set first premiered in Technicolor Matinee but is actually knit into my new release for Movie Night, which comes out next week.  I don’t’ want to give away any secrets on that design, so I thought I’d share some behind the scenes fun from On the Set. Picking the photoshoot location my mind’s eye went back to the wedding scene in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.  I looked all around and down a gravel road near the Watauga River was a historic church with the quintessential “old gate” in front.  The church didn’t look much like that in the …

Silvia Got Promoted by Christine Guest. Modeled by Kari Guest.

Silvia Got Promoted in Technicolor Movie Night Release 4

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Silvia, a greenhouse work Elf, displayed such ingenuity with her “Silvia of Elf” convertible cape and stylish organizational skills with her “Silvia Needs a Bag” that she was promoted from menial work Elf to greenhouse manager!  As with any promotion, Silvia knew she had to up her fashion game to match her new position of power in greenhouse management.  So, Christine Guest brings us the delightful “Silvia Got Promoted” as Technicolor: Movie Night release no 4! Just check out the fit on this fabulous jacket design! And not to overlook Silvia’s love of multifunctional, the cape can be worn with it as well! Buy your copy today here on Payhip – https://payhip.com/b/g5IKC Or Ravelry – https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/technicolor-movie-night Technicolor: Movie Night includes …