Shabby Chic how to

Shabby Chic Buttonholes How To

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Sometimes techniques occur in the actual knitting of a pattern, which are common, but may be worked in a variety of ways. When the pattern hits at that sweet spot of 1 page portability, specifically spelling out the steps would make it verbose and unnecessarily lengthy. The slits in next week’s release, Shabby Chic, is such a case. So instead of adding the specific steps to the quick knit, I decided to blog the exact method of bind off and cast on that creates those interesting slits in the pattern. Since in reality, they are simply buttonholes feel free to use favorite buttonhole method – doing so will make your Shabby Chic uniquely you! Bind OffA simple purl bind off. …

Puddles with WIP

Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip 2

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Today’s second “Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip” installment takes your WIP to a flawless FO. Tip 2: 3 needle bind offs with slipped stitches. In the last tip, to save finishing time, a slipped stitch (or 2) was added around the arm openings. But what do you do when it comes to the 3 needle bind off? If you follow the technique normally you’ll get a jut out at the end of the bind off. This creates an unsightly bump at the very top of the shoulder where everywhere else along the arm opening the slipped stitch nicely tucks the edge in. Don’t worry though. The fix is simple! Bonus: I didn’t have the a spare needle, so this tutorial …

FO underarm close up

Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip

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I’m sure you’ve heard me say it, “I hate finishing!” When the knitting comes off the needles I’d love nothing better than to wash, block, and wear. Knitting tank tops is a great way to enjoy knitted garments in hot weather without the dreaded hours of finishing. A tank will have far fewer ends to weave in than a sweater. But there are some easy ways to sneak your finishing into the knitting process so that when those last few shoulder stitches are ready for the three needle bind off, your FO will be all the closer to “ready to wear”. Towards that end, I’ve got a couple of fun knitting tips to share – today is tip 1: underarm …