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Tassels and plant-based fibers can tend towards a bit of a love-hate relationship.  Love the look, but do they ever tatter quickly! 

Without the natural felting abilities of wool and depending on the yarn twist, what looked lovely, can, after just one wash look like it was chewed to death by an active Great Dane 😉.

Not a tassel, I know, but I couldn’t resist… 2016 he was NOT a fan of ends that hadn’t been woven in!

Don’t fear there are solutions!

The “ends” feature in the new release, Autumn Sense, in our Hems and Ends year showcases one very easy solution…

Autumn Sense bandanna close up

Don’t cut the yarn… leave them loopy!

Cut, bead, and knot – okay, I know this is fringe and not a tassel, but you can use it on tassels, too. 

The Stacks beads gorgeous gradients

If going this route, you may wish to decrease the number of loops in your tassel to compensate for the bulk created by the beads.

I hear tell, though haven’t used it due to allergies, of solutions such as clear nail polish and/ or dabs of glue.

What’s your favorite tassel protection method?

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  1. Terrific suggestions! & so timely! I’m knitting a scarf for a friend who just turned 60 and thought it might be nice to add small tassels or fringe … I might try not cutting the loops.

    1. Post

      Oh neat! Let me know how it turns out for you. I’m sure your friend will love the scarf you knit for her and the time you devoted to making her 60th special.

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