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Terran MKAL

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Terran MKAL beckons you forth armed with brioche stitches and stunning yarn into a deep exploration of the subterrain and terrain structures.  This shawl is designed for brioche knitting loving terrans – an adventure to knit and thrill to wear!  The pattern is live on Payhip, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts.  The knitting starts October 7th.  The fun happens in the Knit Eco Chic group on Slack! 

You all have asked some great questions about Terran MKAL.  This blog provides more details into how it will all work.

What is the “site prep” PDF?

After you purchase your MKAL pattern you’ll receive a PDF with “site prep” – all those things needed to help you organize your brioche expedition – from yarn details, color suggestions, materials needed, and pattern clue dates.  On the designated dates, you’ll receive the MKAL clues via the same platform from which you purchased the MKAL as an update. 

How do I login to Slack the first time?

Slack homepage

Since this is our first time hosting exclusively on Slack the set up works a bit differently.  When you make your purchase, Puddles and I receive your email.  I will then use this email address provided to send you your login credentials for our slack group.  If you wish to have a different email used for slack, please contact me ASAP.

What’s a MKAL?

Those who MKALed with me before know I’m terrible at keeping secrets and my naughty digits type too much so I’ve asked Puddles to refrain my fingers from giving too many specifics about Terran!

Taken Oct. 21, 2020, Puddles watching me take pictures of Terran MKAL
mwahhhhh 😉

A MKAL is a mystery knit-a-long.  You receive the pattern in stages, in the past I’ve broken it up by skeins so 1 skein worth of directions per week with a “catch up” week mid-way through.  With Terran being brioche with mini-skeins, the pattern will roughly be broken up into 50g per week segments. 

In the PDF you’ll see dates by each clue and that is that week’s pattern delivery.  Each clue will have the next sequential pattern sequence with a photo snippet of what you’ll be knitting (along with necessary glossary terms, video how-to links, etc.).  So, if you print up you won’t have tons of copies for the first sets of instructions 😉. 

Slack uses something called channels.  Under channels each clue will have it’s own dedicated spot so you can ask clue specific questions without giving anything away to anyone who falls a bit behind.  There will also be a “spoilers” thread for each clue so you can post your WIP pics to show off your beautiful stitches and celebrate your progress, again, without giving anything away to anyone who falls a bit behind.

At the end of it, there will be a FO thread and possibly prizes (still getting that bit arranged).

The final pattern update you’ll receive (after the MKAL is over) is the full pattern with photos and a compiled version of the MKAL clues.

What else goes on besides knitting?

Yarnie wall flowers 😉

In the #general channel lots of chatting (wall flowers you are invited to blossom!). 

Puddles and I love to play games!  We may have a crossword puzzle or a pictogram game, or something entirely different.  And MKAL related blogs – releases of how-to videos, the story behind the design, Puddles WIP outtakes… (Terran was a 2 year creation so I’ve got a lot of stuff I’ve been dying to share!).

Debuting this MKAL is zoom get-togethers (health permitting – with the illness it’s hard to schedule stuff in advance, but I’m hoping it will work out ok!).  During the zoom you can ask live questions and/ or just chat and knit.

What skills are needed?

Skills, smills… I’ll be here to cheer you on! Great Dane leans and all!

Puddles and I firmly believe an adventurous knitter can accomplish any pattern!  But if you really, really, really want to know –




                Easy colorwork (only 1 color is used per row)

                Shaping stitches – increases & decreases (how-to videos provided)

                Short rows (how-to videos provided and a new way to make them completely invisible (I did say it took me over 2 years to create this pattern figuring this out was a chunk of it, 😉))

                Textured stitches – increases & decreases

Holding 2 Yarns Together

Casting On

Binding Off

The pattern is fully charted and written with a schematic, diagram, coloring page, and links to the aforementioned how-to videos.

Ready to make Terran MKAL your Fall adventure?  Pick up the pattern on presale here, and on Payhip, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts.  Puddles and I will see you on Slack!

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