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You know I can’t resist a good pun, especially a knitting one!  So, let’s review “Joy of Knitting” before the ending credits roll in 2023.

Off the Set

Kicking off the Joy of Knitting, Off the Set took the stitch pattern I fell in love with from last year’s collection (On the Set) and transformed it into a super cute cloche!  Joy was both in the familiar stitches as well as the mental puzzle of figuring out how to turn it into a hat.

Diamond Discovery

While stashing down for Maine, Diamond Discovery became!  Joyful satisfaction in transforming a old swatch that cameramom fell in love with into a cowl she loves to wear.  Reducing stash by a skein was also a reason to cheer.

Garden Buzz

Garden Buzz close up

The joy in a new to me organic cotton yarn providing the venue for lace and bobbles that bubbled away in the little grey cells to appear.  Another for cameramom to get her ready for cooler Maine Springs and Summers!  2 skeins down with this design.

Color Cascade

That skein, that wild multi-colored skein that I had absolutely no idea WHAT to do with so it tried to be a few things and ended up as a ball of yarn deep in my stash.  Pairing it with leftovers from Essentially Twisted toned down the wild and made me think of butterflies floating upon the sky.  The joy of finally hearing what it wanted to become and then tweaking it into something comprehensible.  The butterfly cowl version is still a possibility, but the streamlined shawl reminded me that there is beauty in simple stitches.  Not everything has to be a mental jungle gym was an eye opener for me this year! 

Tweedy Toppers

Released with Malabrigo’s Quickies program, this design concept led me down a rabbit hole in a joyful exploration of stranding!  Such an unexpected delight resulted in double layer knitting.

On the Silver Screen

The big one! With so many facets, I’m at a loss to list them all, but my 3 favorites are: the joy of working with other indie designers, the joy of transforming one design into something completely new, seamlessly, too boot, and the joy of creating a new-to-me garment type and all those little decisions that worked together to make a beautifully fitting wrap.

Tweedy Chic

The joy of simplicity.  I had an idea of what to do, but when shooting the tutorial, a less involved method came to mind.  I’m learning to listen and discovered a great fit with special details without a rigmarole. 

Treescape Hat

The joy in the unexpected!  Like a dog with a new bone I couldn’t let this one go so set aside some plans I had to dive deep into double layer knitting, a technique that sort of landed on my head as I worked the crown for Treescape Hat.

Meanwhile in Maine

Surprise, it’s not finished… yet – neither the sweater nor the home.  On the sweater front, I knit a second prototype making sure the pattern was tip top shape for TEing.  I made a KISS adjustment (finishing the neck by the join in the rnd) and thus far this year, I’ve been happy with KISSING my designs.  However, this one, though it made the writing flow beautifully, I just wasn’t pleased with how the prototype looked (the neck was too high) neck so am going for the more challenging for grading & writing original style.  In another design it wouldn’t have bothered me so much, but with how the collar works (that I love) it needed to stay as originally planned.

On the home front, cameramom went up to help cameradad see the project cross the finish line.  Interiors is where she really shines!  I’m so grateful for four boots on the ground and anticipate a 2024 move (hopefully an early 2024).  Outstanding are the cabinetry as the maker still recovers from his accident.  However, he is making progress!  And the best news, uppers and cabinet fronts weren’t required for the CO (certificate of occupancy).  It officially passed during that massive power outage the week prior to Christmas – ya, for a generator backup!  Mountain living here has taught us a few very valuable “live in the middle of nowhere” lessons. 

Wrapping Up

How’d the stash down go?  I went from this:

To this! 

Some became published patterns, all my leftover linen became one special stroller blanket, other skeins & scraps scrunchies & hats for warming up family, neighbours, and strangers, and quite a bit became crochet!  Who knew I crocheting lefty would make me love it?  Having a hobby again is such a pleasure!

Also finished, but awaiting publication… 5 of the patterns for next year’s printed book.  Stay tuned to see the theme and get a sneak peek at exciting stitches to come!

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