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The Curator’s List

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The Curators List graphic

As we continue to look at the 3 R’s we come to the hardest part for me… reduce, especially when it comes to pattern curation. Perhaps you figured it out seeing as it’s mid-May and I started to promise this blog last month? I pour so much of myself into each pattern I hate to see them curated, but understand it is an important part of business. Like ripping of the band aide – quick is less painful! Here is the 2018 Curator’s List. At the end of our look at the 3Rs these babies will be retired. So if there is one you’ve had your eye on, now is your chance to scoop it up before you see the Puddles picture of deactivation.

  • Apple Tart
    Apple Tart ~ Whether picking apples in the orchard or filling your home with the aroma of freshly baked pie, Apple Tart is the cowl you’ll be picking for all your fall harvest fun. Sweet apple pie lattice and its scalloped crust inspired the lace and edge work on this organic cotton design. With yarn coming from my LYS named Yummi Yarns, I just had to design a tantalizingly tasty cowl.

  • mom and dad sharing a kiss in their bicerin shawls with bicerins to drink
    Bicerin ~ Tantalize your taste buds and finger tips! Travel to Toronto’s Distillery District to discover the inspiration behind Bicerin shawl. Rich chocolate wafts down the cobblestoned pedestrian thorough fare past the Soulpepper theatre company, artist studios, galleries, restaurants, and shops. Soma Chocolate Maker’s enticing aromas invite you to sit, sip, and knit while they transform the rich decadence of the cocoa bean into edibles and drinks alike. After much experimentation, I recreated the delectable drink while knitting with cocoa and cream-colored yarn. When worn over a black shirt you too can enjoy the warmth of a Bicerin both in a cup and wrapped around your shoulders.

  • Budding Leaves Spring Shawl
    Budding Leaves Spring Shawl ~ Just in time for Spring. Do you find yourself cold in the chilly spring mornings or evenings? Wrap up in this cheery design. The soft milk and soy yarn will keep you comfortable, while the bright green will announce Spring to all you meet. The pattern details include French knots at the base of each leaf giving the illusion that the leaves are fresh from budding.

  • Evergreen Sprig Scarf
    Evergreen Sprig Scarf ~ Walking in a winter wonderland, wrapped in the warm reflection of snow crested evergreens; the Evergreen Sprig Scarf celebrates the motif of the season. Its unisex length facilitates wearing the scarf both traditionally, wrapped around the neck and covering the chest, or additionally for women, over the head, around the ears, and down comfortably around the neck. The bottom evergreen sprig motif is textured with knit, purl, twisted stitches, and simple cables. The smaller color worked sprigs radiate off the solid background in self-striping interest.

  • Fibonacci Squared Men's Scarf
    Fibonacci Squared Men’s Scarf ~ The inspiration behind this scarf came from my love of math and the Fibonacci sequence. To make it more interesting, I ran the sequence horizontally as well as vertically. While at my last knitting social, I heard about the linen method and was eager to try it. However, having only heard the directions briefly, my adaption does not slip stitches for the weave look as that would interfere with the Fibonacci sequence. However, my goal was achieved in the use of the adapted linen method, that is, it created a self-fringing garment.

  • Off the Cuff
    Off the Cuff ~ My sister inspired me to design a beginner pattern. She has crocheted for years and was leery at trying her hand at knitting, so I decided to tempt her beyond her doubts. I created a simple pattern that required only knit, purl, and a button opening, in her favorite color, blue. To ensure her success I included written directions as well as a chart. Furthermore, I sent this pattern off to be tech edited to make certain it would be as universally understood as possible.

  • Pillows of Comfort Cowl & Scarf
    Pillows of Comfort ~ Designed and knit for my grammy… she enjoyed it for many years, but since her passing last summer the cowl is now a keepsake memory.

  • Tidal Breeze Skirt
    Tidal Breeze ~ Inspired by receding waves revealing ripples of sand, Tidal Breeze is the “ooh la la” must for your summer knit list. This beautiful skirt is engaging to knit and eye catching to wear.

  • Tugging My Heart Strings
    Tugging My Heart Strings ~ Wear your heart on your sleeve or in this case, your scarf! With hearts set in lace, this design is perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you spend with the one you love. The relaxed ruffle lace alternates making it complete reversible and the twist occurs naturally.

  • Twist Me Up
    Twist Me Up ~ Twist Me Up is an ultra long braided reversible cowl knit in soft worsted or aran weight yarn. Wear this unique piece as a single mega long loop, twist it up into a double long loop, or twist it up a third time for a cushy triple neck loop. No twisting needed on the needles, just around the neck. The simple lace detail keeps the knitting engaging and becomes a peak-a-boo when braided. Choose highly contrasting colors for a bold look or monochromatic for a chic, sophisticated look.

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