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To Cross or Not To Cross

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Fitting in with “Hems and Ends” – when working two color brioche in the round, do you cross your yarns at the color transition or do you not cross your yarns?  As I was knitting Aspen Travels, this question kept egging in the back of my mind.  

Puddles had fun after the official photo shoot was over that we had to snap some more.

The original was finished back in March, but I needed to test knit my own pattern.  TE caught that I missed a section of the directions and rather than winging it, knew it was the best way to verify change.  So, on the original I crossed my yarns because I’m a good little knitter who always follows the rules 😉 (uhm, ya, right).

Wrong side showing – just right of center you can see the crossed colors.

On the reknit test, I intentionally didn’t cross my yarns.

Reknit – no crossing up by the locking “start of round” stitch marker

If you look at the right side, not much difference.

Please excuse my wonky woven in ends! The top sample has the cross – you can see the tighter stitches. The bottom sample no cross.

Flip it inside out and you’ll see the yarn crosses on the full sample and just regular brioche stitches on the test sample.

Top center crossed yarn. Bottom center no crossed yarn. And Puddles for good measure!

As neat as the yarn crosses are, it really pulled the brioche stitches tightly closed.  So, for me, I think (once I get the tension down of not crossing) I’ll be in the “no crossing here” camp.  (At least when the stitch transitions like it does for Aspen Travels… but that’s another topic entirely 😉).

So, to cross or not to cross?  Puddles and I look forward to seeing your WIPs and hearing what method you love best.  Remember, for an even flow consistency is more important than methodology.  Once you pick one, go with it and embrace the look you’ve chosen!

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