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To the Future

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Two underlying philosophies of eco principles are preserving and nurturing natural resources for future generations. To that end we turn our attention to these two principles in our next mini-series.

The design feature for this principle takes an artistic spin, inspired by melting glaciers. Color, design detail, and stitch difficulty all source their inspiration in the melting glaciers. It represents a turning point in my design ascetic as there is no shaping, simply a combination of knit and purl stitches! While I will still publish the occasional “looks impossible to knit, but really isn’t” design, this season is focused on creating easy knits. As soon as I’m able to go outside, I’ll be shooting and publishing this design. The release date is back to being up in the air as alas the weather hasn’t been allergy friendly yet. A slim reprieve broke through earlier this week, but an available camera parent was not to be found. Puddles paw lacked the fine motor skill to click the shutter. Even so I was thankful for a few walks with Puddles to break the weeks of inside time!

Up next week, an interview with a budding young poet, who represents the future of craft and expression. The highly anticipated and loved annual nephew invasion and said pattern release follows.

Stay tuned!

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