Tulle Collar by Jill Wolcott

Tulle Collar

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Mentor and designer, Jill Wolcott, delivers the final design to the Technicolor: Matinee collection.  If you are looking for a cozy design, check out her Tulle Collar!  This double thick knit features textured stitches and gorgeous buttons.  If you read Jill’s essay in the eBook, you’ll find a few names for this design.  Never fear, check her blog for the story behind the story’s story!

Jill in Tulle Collar

1. Which came first, the movie or the design
Definitely the movie came first.

I totally see her French film inspiration in this photo!

2. Is your design something to knit while watching a movie
You can knit most of this while watching a movie.  Like all of my designs, there are moments of needing to pay attention, and lots of good viewing knitting.

Jill’s Tulle Collar – those buttons

3. Any sneak peeks as to how your little project relates to the big project in the next collection.
This is something that can be added to the big project, or used on its own.  I’ve used different yarns for the two pieces, but they are intended to work together.

Tulle Collar wraps up the “small project” aspect of the multi-designer collection and the first (of 2) eBooks. Stay tuned in 2023 for our “large project” spin on movies and knitting! Until then, why not cast on a project or two from Technicolor: Matinee. Pick up your copy of the 6 designer collection here:

on Payhip |  on Ravelry

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