Meanwhile in Maine shoulder detail

Tweaking the Design

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It’s been a while, but I’ve been working… or should I say, “tweaking”.  The little grey cells are still not assimilating the sizes into a single pattern format, so I’ve 1) cast on a new “easy” sweater to try to trick it into processing and 2) spent some more time making the design absolutely perfect.

Malabrigo Verano in Alpaca Metal is knitting up deliciously!

Keep an eye out for the new sweater this summer… I’m currently on sleeve island and still stuck with the little grey cells on the processing, but it did help to get some flow going.

On the “Meanwhile in Maine” project, I knit the front right shoulder about a dozen times and finally figured out what I didn’t like and changed it to what I was after. 

Snow on the ground and knitting

On one of my key swatches I fell in love with a motif that I didn’t write as I design… and yep, only the one copy so if I frogged it there goes my sample.  So I spent several days reverse engineering myself!

No snow and knitting

Then it all came together!  I love the little detail at the shoulder that breaks up the plain front.

The matching shoulder came along nicely.

And I’m at the join in the round point.  I’ve determined to pause here because I really need to suss out the pattern writing side.  The benefit of “Lindsay’s brain” as my designers’ fondly call the craziness is when one path doesn’t work, I can pick another – if written directions are looking foreign, I switch to charts, if both are foreign, I switch to this weird mash up I do in excel, if that doesn’t work, I switch to drawing it out in .ai and overlaying the sizes… downside, it’s a TON of work for the last two resorts.  Normally the little grey cells come back after this amount of time, but, I guess grief is throwing it’s own wrench into things.

Meanwhile In Maine…

Lord, what’s Your plan? Please show us how to go.

Sadly, nothing but a lot of stress.  We are in a rough spot of having builders that fit us in, but for the last two months, due to supply chain issues no materials for them to build with.  Please keep us in your prayers!  The builders have other commitments coming up in a few weeks so if the materials don’t arrive soon, we’ll be in the opposition position of having materials and no builders.  This is definitely a struggle that is wearing on the whole family and we’re prayerfully seeking the way through the trial because we know that none of this is a surprise to God and He is in control and has a path forward. 

PS if you are watching the HFC blog thread… what you see there is the progress last Fall / early Winter being dripped out slowly 😉.

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