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I reactivated my upwork.com account! Lindsay L.:

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An entrepreneur and freelancer, I am ready to put my skills to work for you! The nature of my knitting pattern design business (Knit Eco Chic) allows me to freelance when you need services performed now rather than squeezing your job into spare moments. Pattern designing includes both technical and aesthetic aspects and with over 81 patterns published since 2011, I have an extensive working knowledge of most of the programs in Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5. Prior to starting Knit Eco Chic, I wrote a children’s book. Prior to that I graduated Valedictorian from North Carolina State University with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Business Management. Having this mix of education and work experience, I’ve developed the rare talent of being able to marry the analytical with the beautiful! With my keen eye for design and precision, my primary freelance focus is photo editing in PhotoShop. I also offer InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Word, and Excel services. I look forward to working with you!

Q: Wait, what Lindsay and how does this relate to Knit Eco Chic? A. I’m not quitting designing, just diversifying! I worked on Elance (Upwork’s predecessor) a few years back when I launched into the world of designing to fill in some gaps while building the business. Some recent setbacks are calling me back to the world of freelance.

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Q: Recent setbacks? A. -Thrilled over the vision of Habitat for Canaries beginning to start up, I put my house up for sale in Charlotte to kick start the funding campaign and the house was vandalized in November just at the start of the GAL. It’s been a stressful from afar situation (I live with my parents), but on the upside, the repair work is nearly complete.
-Puddles’ bill from his trip to the emergency vet over Christmas = 42% of Ravelry pattern sales from 2017.
-If you’ve seen my IG account recently you’ll know 2018 started off with a bang… specifically to our septic system. The plumber’s limerick – “if yellow let it mellow, if brown flush it down” or grab a shovel and use the woods. They estimate at least a month of as little as possible on the drain usage before it is fully fixed and the work is extremely labour intensive due to the fact we built on a mountain and they aren’t sure exactly where the problem is.

upwork portfolio

Q: And? A. So this is where you come in. I’ve been pounding the hypothetical Internet pavement for a few weeks now and decided it was time to put myself out there, stop beating around the bush, and ask for help. If anyone knows of anyone looking to hire an on-line freelancer, please send them my way! My passion is photo editing (no nudes, no kidding, this actually comes up), but am open and able to do other work as well… with a Great Dane snoring by her side ?. For samples of my work, check out the “Services” tab above or if you or they are on Upwork already my full portfolio will appear.

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You know that feeling when you’re on the verge of something huge, but life keeps throwing battering rams into your life to distract you and kill your joy. Yep, that’s where I am. But I came up with a limerick of my own, “Circumstances will not win, the Holy Spirit lives within!” I’m pushing forward on all fronts to beat those battering rams back and see dreams realized. If you don’t know anyone looking to hire an odd job girl, I appreciate your reading my blog this week and your continued prayers. They have sustained my spirits more than you realize! THANK YOU! Next week we’ll return to our regular knitting related content… the Bomb Cyclone KAL prizes will be awarded and the a preview of the next Knit Eco Chic / multi-designer Ravelry event!

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      Thank you kindly, Torre! Word of mouth is so helpful :-). Yes, Puddles is on the road to recovery! We’ll see his regular vet next month to verify all is back to normal.

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      Aw, thanks for the review, Nina! I loved working on your Paradise City Shawl – it is such a beautifully designed piece!

  1. Hi Lindsey, as always, my prayers are with you, and I know for a fact you have got the ability to beat so much bad luck! Things will turn for the good, only question might be when! And, it might be different from what you thought it would be. So please keep on your great job. I loved your spontaneous bomb cyclone Kal (only knit not much cowls, sorry) and I’m sure you and Puddles will come up with great new ideas. Xx

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      Aw, you’re a sweetie… Puddles and I both thank you. Yes, next month we have another Ravelry event… and this time it is broader than cowls – stay tuned!

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