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The votes are in!  Here is the final tally:
Post 3: Jennilynn Solar Flare Circular Shawl 56 votes
Post 4: erindee5575 Radiation 81 votes
Post 5: rainbow1907 Solar Flare Circular Shawl 9 votes
Post 7: Ryna-lyn Blue Flare 28 votes
Post 8: einnako Sunflower Sea Star Flare 17 votes

And the prize winners for the physical prizes are:
1st prize from theuniquesheep: erindee5575 & Happy birthday!
2nd prize from MayaB: Jennilynn
3rd prize laurelhill3: ryna-lyn
4th prize laurelhill3: einnako

For the digital prizes, the random generated winners are:
swingcat123 – selected Fibonacci Drops Shawl
goosebearknits – selected Sheer Illusion Tank

Congratulations knitters!  Thank you for all the beautiful projects and thank you everyone for voting on your favorites.

You have arrived at the sun… Mission control over & out!

Solar Flare in the Sky!

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