Waiting on the Weatherman, Mountain Top Secrets

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Having shot Color Flow sweater twice before, I just wasn’t in love with the storyboard of the images. My photographer (aka dad) did a great job getting shots of the garment, but something was still missing…

Color Flow shot at our neighbourhood pond
Shot at our neighbourhood pond.
Out of the mini
And because the yarn color is “I Zig, You Zag” I had to do a “fun” shot out of the mini for all those who zug like I do!

Flowing water! With a name like Color Flow, the image storyboard needed movement to match. It was the middle of fall and I could feel the first snow was about on us and then, to my pattern’s delight, a warm jet stream pushed the cold weather north and we got doused in day after day of rain. When it rains, waterfalls and rainbows appear in the most unlikely places!

When the sun finally peaked through the clouds, it was time to do the final photo shoot on Color Flow. Driving up the highway by Grandfather Mountain, a rain caused waterfall appeared over some jagged rocks on the onramp to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Rarely seen, this waterfall provided the perfect backdrop to Color Flow – easily accessible and the perfect height.

waterfall and me
Okay, so it was still a little tall or I’m a little small.
waterfall close up
Even without the top of the falls, I love the flowing background.

With the noon day sun, we were blessed with surprise rainbows glistening off the waterfall!

Do you see it? Beside my left arm.
rainbow highlighted
See it now?

And you know me, rock climbers gonna climb, even in 4” suede heels! So even though we got great shots, I just had to go in for a closer look. The splashing water was ice cold, but I kept comfortably warm in the organic cotton and bamboo sweater.

Climbing in
Hey, there’s another rainbow – such a blessing! above my left arm
In the waterfall
Climbing out

So next time the rain pours down, discover what secret natural gems await you as you #wearyourknitting & in this case Color Flow sweater!

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