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About a year ago my website host told me I had to do a major upgrade on my website as it was nearing the 10-year-old mark (a dinosaur in the Internet age) and had a lot of old code that was causing issues.  So, I made the mental plan of updating during my first snowed-in winter in Maine… but as you all know that move was delayed.  At the end of the first quarter, I dove in determined to update all 446 posts containing the bad code.

Yep, 446 posts to manually update!

No, I only like the knitting kind of Everest 😉

I didn’t get into knit design because I loved data organization so the task seemed an Everest. 

rock climbing 2012
and this kind of beginner rock climbing 😉

My mom quickly learned as I grew up that I was much better at accomplishing things like cleaning up if it were a game.  I applied the same theory to this update and decided to address the lacking things on my site (cough, blog tags, cough).

In the process, I came across a lot of long forgotten but great posts… like this gem!
blog Fiber Focus series (2014), Organic Cotton yarn

I’m thrilled to say that as of the beginning of the month all 446 posts have been updated.  (I actually have 460 posts with the writing of this blog). 

And it was rebuilt better!  I’ve added in, hopefully, useful tags to the blogs.  Since all my patterns are released as blogs on the site (a technical decision from way back), you can now search for patterns based on yarn weight!

screen shot of the pattern page – still need to work on presentation, I think

This functionality has been added to the top of the “patterns” page.

I’m still figuring out the best way to post the other tags without cluttering up the site, but for now, you can use the search button and it will sort by the following tags: behind the design, video knitting tutorials, by specific yarn company, designs for specific yarn weight, and more!

Since I don’t sell patterns directly, and since my site has a history of crashing, and since not everyone is on Rav anymore, another “organization” project I’m working on is a way to share all the pattern links off my site.  Right now, it’s in excel (and I realized I don’t have all my designs on my own site – not sure how that happened but things get a bit lacking pre-2014).  Downside of excel is it is text only so I can’t include an image of each design.  But that’s an organization job for another day.

after edit on cultivation
What’s the next knitting Everest you will conquer?
(photo from blog “When Design and Math Cross Wires” – 2019)

In the meantime, enjoy exploring the new tags and happy knitting!          

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  1. Oh wow awesome job! I can’t even imagine what a mammoth undertaking it must have been! I love the tags for all the posts though. I find them very helpful.

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