Warm Weather Knitting Pattern Collage

Websites Are Better With Tags

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Thanks for the feedback on last week’s blog on the website tools!  I’ve added a few more tags to make your visit to Knit Eco Chic more user-friendly.

Warm Weather Knitting Pattern Collage
Just a few of the 37 in the catalogue


Looking for your next cast on and it is H.O.T. outside?  Check out the “summer” tag for knits that won’t weigh you down!  Neither when knitting nor wearing 😉.

In Motion front cover
Finding Knit Eco Chic from below the equator?

Swap out “summer” for “spring” or “fall” or “winter” to find those seasonally appropriate designs filtered for you!

Race the Sun back
Race the Sun has a few diagrams so you can get a supportive and fun I-cord crossing design!


Want the satisfaction of garment in a faster version?  Tank tops are one of my favorite things to knit!  Most of my designs includes some quirky fun directions so that it limits the finishing required.  When your tank knitting is done (most) are off the needles and ready to wear!

Motoring Vest and the mini
Motoring Vest – easy knitting, flattering fit!

Swap out “tank-tops” for “sweaters” or “vests” or “dresses” to find your next garment.


Shawl Pin Shawl
From years gone by, Shawl Pin Shawl – with a pin or without this design is made to stay!

Want to see all my designs?  The “knitting patterns” tag includes them all!  (At least all the ones I’ve got on Knit Eco Chic… some early designs are still in the process of making it on.  Ravelry still has the most complete list.)

Showing My Bias Tank
Hey there, I’ve got two questions for you!

Now some questions for you!  I added a few too many tags, which you get slammed for by the Internet so need to cull back.  Two areas in particular showed up – yarn companies and yarn weight.

Questions 1: so, when searching for specific yarn companies do you prefer all the “about” style blogs to be separate from all the “pattern” ones?  Or since all the tags show up below each post are you okay putting in the yarn company and then looking at the other tags to see which are patterns and which aren’t?

Question 2: do you prefer “yarn weight” (ie “fingering”) or “knitting patterns for yarn weight” (ie “knitting patterns for fingering weight”) tag?  Both is overkill.

Thanks, and happy knitting!

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