Puddles showing off

Winter Romping with Puddles

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17 degrees (F) and the snow is gently falling, time to curl up and knit, right? Not in our house, it’s time for winter romping with Puddles! So I bundle up in my Arctic Climes cowl and headband set and venture forth into the white world.

bundled in arctic climes
Puddles investigating yesterday's stick
The first stop of any romp is for the branch manager to check in on yesterday’s branch find.
newly acquired log
Quickly followed by digging up a… what would you call that?
branch manager in the wild
After carefully placing the tree stub, the branch manager is ready to romp forth into the wild.

Even though I’ve lived here for over 10 years, I still find new treasures around unchartered bends.

Follow the stream, duck under the Rhodes, and turn right to discover a seasonal waterfall for the first time. (We’re at the top, it wasn’t safe to clamber down to the base.)
Puddles showing off
Puddles showing off – leaping it in a single bound!

Back up to the trail and around another corner lovely icicles awaited.

Arctic Climes in front of icicles
By this point in time my body had acclimated to the cold… almost, still used the full length of the cowl to keep my nose warm and toasty.
Arctic Climes in front of icicles
Turn around and FACE the camera, Puddles. Ugh, oh well, he’s still adorable – do you see the snow stuck to his nose?

After the adventure down, it was time for the steep hike up. Puddles, of course, beat me home and enjoyed one last branch while waiting for me to catch up.

Puddles tiny stick
Puddles sez: “Yum, pine, my favorite.”
Arctic Climes cowl

By the crest before the final elevation rise, I was quite warm so pulled the cowl up to go for a slow cool down while still keeping my ears frost-bite free.
Arctic climes headgear

Arctic Climes cowl works great as headgear too – especially when you need to cool off in a controlled manner.

Since the first snow and subsequent outings in Arctic Climes I’ve lost 3 lbs :-). I must say I absolutely love Classic Elite Yarns Sprout 100% organic cotton! The loft is amazing and the warmth is cozy enough for romping at least half an hour in 17 degrees and lower temperatures (I know because I’ve tried).

Interested in knitting Arctic Climes? The pattern comes out in about 10 days!

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