snow on leftover grass

Wandering Around Woodsong

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I’m back from the enchanted winter break at Woodsong B&B. First off, thank you kindly for all your notes and prayers – the treatments went very well and I feel great! Second, my apologies, the trip was extended so I ended up missing last week too. But I’m excited to share some of my favorite trip pictures with you. The weather was cold, colder, arctic cold, warm, cold, hot, frozen… in that order. But that made me enjoy wandering around the property and portions of the Rouge River Conservation all the more!

snow on leftover grass
The snow laid heavy upon the strongest weeds from last fall. Most failed under the weight, but this mighty specimen held up against the onslaught.
The pond on the Woodsong B&B went through various stages of freeze.
The waterfall, however, resisted and kept following despite the frosty conditions.
Further down river, the speed picked up as it flowed over rocks.
As long as there was the tiniest bit of open water, the water fowl would remain – geese, ducks, and even two swans.

And speaking of birds…

Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Finches; swans, geese, and ducks – these are some of the daily visitors to Woodsong B&B!

Birds weren’t the only wild life I saw… in addition to red, black, and grey squirrels I also caught glimpse of a very furry rabbit and a fox!

The tamed wild life… Nykii and Jodi

Nykii Bernese Mountain Dog
Nykii remembered me well from previous visits and accompanied me on many a snowy hike! He loves to hear the sound of the camera click just as much as Puddles :-).
Jodi Bernese Mountain dog
Jodi, recently rescued, is definitely a mamma’s girl and Nkyii’s boss. She was cautiously friendly, but the more we walked together the more I saw the spark of spunk and curiosity coming alive!

With the cold, colder, coldest weather the majority of the days I got plenty of opportunity for #wearyourknitting!

Arctic Climes kept me cozy even in minus 0F temps! Alternating Paths goes great with Japanese, while Color Flow sweater was the perfect pairing for pizza!
Trading off on through the trip, Brightwater Upcycle (now available) conquered the snow in style. Nykii and I really had fun taking selfies too :-).

Not all treats were hikes in the snow… sometimes I needed to refuel 😉

tasty tarts
Lemon tart from Jacque D’Park Bistro – the absolute best in the city! And “Pearl” (mango tart) from my new favorite cafe, Duo Patisserie. This one happened more than once… but so worth the calories!

One of the best parts of the trip… knitting!

knitting tip frogging
Knitting Tip: have to reknit someting? Don’t waste time frogging and reballing. Simply undo your bind off and use the tail to start knitting. It will rip it as you knit it!
crossway hat kal
Driving up – I knit with Three Irish Girl’s Organic Cotton and Bamboo in Talitha Kuomi’s “Crossway Hat” KAL… and rewarded finishing with a yarn purchase from the LYS. I just couldn’t resist that button either ;-).
camber and unique sheep
Overjoyed, I actually finished reknitting Camber while at Woodsong AND managed to re-shoot in the original location! !! (This pattern will be available later this year.) Driving home the soft organic cotton petite from the Unique Sheep kept the drive going!

And that in a photo nutshell was my trip!

PS Stay tuned for some surprises next week.

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  1. Wonderful pictures & fun notes! Great way to enjoy your trip vicariously. You had great company & yummy looking treats!

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      Thanks, Deirdre! I’m glad you enjoyed it vicariously… I do that all the time too when people post trip pictures :-).

  2. So happy for you that you had such a great adventure and that you’re feeling so well now. Great pics and a great place. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I think you choose your pictures well! They look great, and I’m happy for you that you have the ability to enjoy so much while having treatments! Great that you feel so good now.

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