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Working Wrong Side Cables

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Slipped stitch cabled bubbles (or circles) are fun to knit, but they do require cabling on the wrong side.  I was surprised to hear this is an “unusual” technique!  So, today’s vlog features a demo of the 4 used in the next release.

Working Wrong Side Cables

1/1 RC cables are knit on the right side and purled on the wrong side

1/1 LC cables are knit on the right side and purled on the wrong side

1/1 LPKC cables are the same on both sides

1/1 RKPC cables are the same on both sides

To watch direction on YouTube, click here. Bubbling Interplay comes out next week – Jun 16th – here and on Payhip, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts!

Puddles knew all too well that his human was part bulldog!  This is further proof of that 😉.  This easy design wreaked havoc on me.  Between my dyslexia and the months of pollen brain, these last 3 weeks have been full of utter confusion, rewrites, pulling out hair, more rewrites, wanting to quit, rewrites, filming, re-filming, and more.  But thankfully God surrounded me with compassionate people who helped me through the fog and dyslexia to get everything straight, concise, and accurate!  Thank you SO much to my TEs – Ruth and Sue, fellow designers – Carol, Sue, & Ruth; Cathy at Stitch Mastery, and test knitters – Iris and Denise… your kindness through this process was incredible!  Thank you!!

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