CEY Mika swatches

Yarn Review Classic Elite Yarns Mika

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Joining rank with Sprout and Seedling, Classic Elite Yarns introduced Mika in January 2017. This sport weight sister to Sprout and Seedling embodies the same lofty nubby texture. Unfortunately, this review changed from I love it and am planning many a summer tank with Mika, to farewell Classic Elite Yarns ☹.

CEY Mika swatches

Auld Lang Syne news update – researchers say over 60% of creative business fail. Despite their long career and large show, Classic Elite Yarns, was actually a small creative business (15 people or less, I believe). If you haven’t read the news, they have a short obituary on their website home page. For a bit more info, check out this blog here.

But, Mika, is still widely available! So even though it isn’t a great idea to design in a discontinued yarn, it is a fantastic opportunity to try organic cotton (often at a reduced price). So here, my dear knitters, is my review of Mika.

From the CEY website: Mika

Pure organic cotton in gorgeous, summery colors, Mika is the perfect weight for warm weather garments and accessories. Though Mika is subtly textured, it has excellent stitch definition. Mika is GOTS certified organic (Global Organic Textile Standards) and dye materials used comply with REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

Product Information
Description : 100% organic cotton
Handling : machine wash gentle, dry flat
Colorways : 17
Gauge : 5½–6 sts/inch on US 2-4 (2.75–3.5 mm) needle
Put up : hank
Skein Weight : 50 grams
Skein Yardage : approx 165

CEY Mika swatches
CEY Yarns Mika swatches

Mika is available in 17 shades.

Gauge Summary:
Swatched US 2 to US 6 in Garter, Stockinette, Twisted Rib and Rib. I skipped the lace and cables as I had an idea in mind of what to design with it and those ideas did not include lace or cables this time. In terms of Stockinette the least change between unwashed and washed / blocked swatches were on US 4 with a 0 change in sts gauge and a 2% change in row gauge.

CEY Mika swatches

The density of the fabric mixed with the pile of the yarn made me prefer the US 4-US 6 swatches over the US 2 and US 3 swatches. I loved the way the twisted rib appeared!

CEY Mika swatches

– Organic cotton with REACH dyes
– Loftiness
– Held up well to testing

CEY Yarns Mika swatches

– Discontinued ☹
– Limited color range

CEY Yarns Mika swatches

Eco Value:
I learned about a new “eco” certification with Mika – REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a program from the EU that seeks to acknowledge the chemical risk (both human health and environment health) of products used in production as well as daily life. You can read more about it here: https://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/understanding-reach. I think more investigation of this may be needed before putting too much stock in it as companies can “self-identify”. But I’m pleased to see that they are acknowledging the impact of low level continual chemical exposure on people and the environment! Back to Mika, it is dyed with compounds complaint with REACH. Additionally, this yarn is 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS!

Overall Rating:
9 out of 10. My skein is going into Puddles stash for the Indie GAL stash down for charity. I loved using this yarn (as well as Sprout and Seedling) and am sorry to see them leave the marketplace. They are a great work house strength of organic cotton holding up with loftiness despite years of wear in the snow with my sidekick, aka GDCSPJ!

Arctic Climes Sprout in action
Arctic Climes with Puddles in background

Over 2 years after publishing Arctic Climes, this Sprout knit set is my go-to for ultra-cold skiing and snowy adventures with Puddles!

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